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Tiny Rolling House

I would honestly be so happy with something like this.

Found our house, Jared.




the only girls that look cute with short hair:

  • all of them
  • every single one of them
  • literally everyone

the only girls that look cute with long hair:

  • all of them
  • every single one of them
  • literally everyone

The only girls that look cute:

  • all of them
  • every single one of them
  • literally everyone

I have short hair and this made me happy :3

5 Differences Between The Guy You Date And The Guy You Marry | Thought Catalog ▷




The Guy You Date: Thinks about what you have to offer him. He loves you because you give him your undivided time and attention, you’re attractive, and you share common interests and hobbies like playing tennis or obsessing over Fall Out Boy. He is hoping you will be a good match for him.

The Guy You Marry: Thinks about what he has to offer you. He loves you because of who you are- he appreciates your quirks, your flaws and strange sense of humor, the way you snort when you laugh and read Charles Dickens every winter, and everything he’s come to know about you. He is hoping he will be a good husband for you.


The Guy You Date: Is quick to become jealous when you’re around other guys. He gets angry easily, which often ends up in long, petty arguments. He is possessive over your time, and although that can be cute at times, it can also become just downright annoying.

The Guy You Marry: Places his trust in you, and gives you the benefit of the doubt. He tries to understand your point of view before asserting his own, and is willing to give you space when you need it. He is always open to talking things out, and continues to exercise patience that you may not always deserve.


The Guy You Date: The guy you wear make-up for. You spend hours preparing for a date because you want to impress him. You want him to think you are pretty and you hope he will give you a kiss at the end of the night, reminding you that he’s yours.

The Guy You Marry: The guy who you are no longer self-conscious around. He tells you that you are beautiful with or without makeup, because he loves you for your heart, mind, and soul. You don’t need his kiss to affirm his affection, but he gives you one anyways, which still sends butterflies fluttering around inside your stomach.


The Guy You Date: He’s a mystery. You like that he is a puzzle for you to solve, and you try to be enigmatic around him as well to keep him interested. You’re afraid that eventually, you may grow bored of each other.

The Guy You Marry: You know him like the back of your hand. You let down your guard around him because you feel comfortable with revealing all your secrets to him. Although there are times when you are bored out of your minds together, you are still happy just to be in each other’s company.


The Guy You Date: The guy you have fun with; the guy you are with because you have feelings for him.

The Guy You Marry: The guy you have fun with, but also cry with, laugh with, fight with, love with, and will be with for the rest of your life. You have feelings for him, but you are not with him solely because of your emotions. You are with him because you will love him apart from how tired, depressed, or angry you feel. He understands that loving you denotes sacrificing his time, energy, and other aspirations, and is still more than willing to make the commitment. He loves you not with a selfish or envious love, but with a patient, enduring, humble, faithful and selfless one.

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered; it keeps no record of wrongs. It does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres.” -1 Corinthians 13:4-7 “


THIS. And I can attest to this firsthand.

The Lord of the Rings & Hobbit series from the beginning to the end

It’s been a wonderful run. As a Tolkien fan since childhood, I find there are details added/withheld that really didn’t need to be, but regardless of these, I’ve enjoyed the productions thoroughly. Thank you, Peter Jackson, for your dedication to preserving Tolkien’s work in this marvelous way!


babies screaming when you’re out shopping


Babies/toddlers/similarly aged crotch spawn screaming across the hall in the “designated play area” while I’m trying to work in peace = -500 tolerance.



Mad Max: Fury Road - SDCC 2014 Trailer

you guys…



I admit to scoffing a bit first, and then I saw the trailer. *giddy hand clapping*

Oh hey look, it’s Jared and I. Seriously, our future place is gonna be like a toy store.




Imagine having braces during the apocalypse. no one can take your braces off. And you just have to accept that you’ll have braces forever.

i want a novel focused around a character with braces during the apocalypse and the entire plot of the story revolves around their search for an orthodontist who is still alive and they sort of accidentally save the world in the process

Titled: Brace for It.

Brace Yourself - the story of a young protagonist doomed to live out their days in a post apocalyptic world with braces still attached. Journey with them as they search for an orthodontist to free them of their oral burden, and in the process, discover a way to save all of mankind.

Maisie Williams and Rory McCann attend HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ cast autograph signing during Comic-Con 2014 on July 25, 2014 in San Diego, California

This is seriously the best picture ever.

Lucille Ball in the 1943 film Du Barry Was a Lady. It was for this movie that her hair was dyed its famous red shade (“Tango Red”). Critics were quick to call her “Technicolor Tessie” as they raved that no actress had looked so beautiful in color. 

On a side note, this movie is AWESOME. I have a mighty need for my own copy of it. And yes, Lucy was a babe in this - the colors are stunning!!


men are so afraid of confident girls and its so funny

BOYS are afraid of confidant girls. That being said, a girl being a beeyotch is completely opposite of a confidant girl.

When PEOPLE are jerks and try to play that off as confidence, it merely proves they are insecure.

Confidant men love confidant women, and vice versa. I should know - my guy is pretty dang confidant :3

Got some prayer requests, gang:

~ Jared’s still looking for a job.

~ my Uncle Jim is in the hospital right now - he hasn’t taken good care of himself as of late, and because of complications of having diabetes, he’s in the ER right now. He and my aunt have had job troubles over the past 5+ years, and now they don’t really have the money to pay for his medication since their current jobs don’t provide insurance. Rough situation - please pray hard.

~ work is stressful for me right now, due to a very rude and immature coworker. My manager is sub par in their duties (changing the schedule and not telling us, not being reliable to call if there’s a problem, etc.), and caters to said rude coworker constantly; IMO the manager is lazy and doesn’t want to can Rude because Rude knows how to do the stuff the manager doesn’t want to do. My other (newer) coworker and I are stuck with a lot of the grunt work - we’re totally fine doing that stuff, but Manager and Rude shuffle it off on us constantly, Rude moreso.

All in all, there’s a lot of injustice in the store, and Rude is getting away with a LOT of crap, and also smack talking behind everyone’s back, including mine. It’s becoming a poisonous atmosphere, especially since Rude is a “professed churchgoer,” making them a bad influence and witness to the newest coworker. Frankly, it’s embarrassing.

Both myself and the newest coworker have talked to our corporate manager about things, mostly because we know nothing will be done if we address the issues with the manager; I’ve tried, and got nothing but excuses. So now I’m asking for prayer in this matter, that things will be settled, whether by changing hearts or changing hands. God’s will be done, and pray that He will continue to embolden myself and my coworker as we stand up for ourselves and our rights.

Thanks gang!